Virtual Reality

What is virtual reality? It is an artificial 3D world which you can enter via a VR headset and interact with it using controllers (Xbox, PlayStation or Oculus Touch controllers) and your physical movement (head, eye and body). You can shoot aliens in space, explore houses on the other side of the world, basically anything you can imagine.

  Top VR Games in 2016

  • Audioshield – You can literally play your music, you get a shield in either hand and defend yourself from the beats.
  • Space Pirate Trainer – Dodging lasers in slow-motion, deflecting them with a shield, shooting drones, that’s what this game’s got. It creates an amazing space atmosphere and you’ll definitely have a blast!
  • Job Simulator – One of the most “realistic” VR games out there, you can eat doughnuts, throw paper airplanes, cook and do all sorts of fun things, not just shoot bad guys all day.
  • Vanishing Realms – A true dungeon crawler experience. Bash skeletons with a sword or throw spells at them, simply a great RPG.

  VR headsets in 2016

Here is a detailed article about all 5 available virtual reality headsets, but if you are in a hurry, here is a quick overview.

  • Oculus Rift – This is inarguably the most popular headset in the world, since it was the pioneer of VR. It features hundreds of games and is available (with controllers and a free game) for $599.
  • HTC Vive – Developed by Steam, it is a great choice for gaming. It has motion tracking sensors, which the Rift does not, so your movements are transfered into the game world. Shipping for $899.
  • Project Morpheus – A headset by Sony specifically for PlayStation gaming. It is probably the best choice if you don’t own a strong PC and can be bough alongside PlayStations for $399.
  • Google Cardboard – The best option if you want to experience virtual reality but don’t want to spend much. You will need a phone and headphones if you want to enjoy it, but it only costs $15.
  • Samsung Gear VR – As with the Cardboard, this one works by putting a phone into it. As the name might suggest, the phone needs to be a Samsung, but it features head tracking and costs $89.

  Why Virtual Reality

  1. GAMES! Probably the most important use of VR is for gaming. There are countless games available for all the major headsets, be it
  2. Psychotherapy – It has been proven that VR can help with various phobias, such as the fear of heights by putting the users in a simulation where they are exposed to their fears in small “doses”. You can read more about it at APA.
  3. Real Estate – Thanks to 360° photos and VR headsets, you can walk through a house on the other side of our planet to see if you like it without having to travel there and back.
  4. Sport – One day you will be able to watch any football match you choose as if you were actually at the stadium from the comfort of your home by connecting your VR headset to the double camera that is placed there for a 3D first person view.

  Awesome VR videos

You can also watch a bunch of old people reacting to VR, looks like cavemen being shown a tricycle.