10 Beautiful Space Wallpapers – Full HD 1920×1080 Background

Here you can download 10 beautiful space wallpaper images for your PC homescreen background. Available in 1920×1080 or lower resolutions, both standard and widescreen. Put a nebula, an asteroid, or Pluto’s moon as your background image, because why not, space is cool!

Instructions: Right-click on the space wallpaper link in the requested resolution. Save it (for instance, on your desktop). Then right-click on the image and select „Set as wallpaper“ or „Set as background“.

1) The Crab Nebula

crab nebula
A composite view of the Crab nebula, an iconic supernova remnant in our Milky Way galaxy, as seen by the Herschel Space Observatory and the Hubble telescope.

2) Star cluster NGC 2024 inside Flame nebula

space wallpaper 1920 nebula
This composite image shows star cluster NGC 2024, which is located inside the so-called Flame Nebula around 1,400 light years from Earth.

3) The Helix Nebula

helix nebula
This space wallpaper image shows the Helix nebula, which looks a bit like a human eye there.

4) Mars rover’s view

mars surface space background
This is not an image from Australia, not even an image from our planet. This composite image shows the Martian surface – specifically, the Wdowiak Ridge, as seen by the Mars rover Opportunity.

5) Is this Moon?

charon space wallpapers
When you put this wallpaper on your computer’s background and your friends say: “Oh, that’s a nice picture of the moon,” you can ask them: “And do you know which moon?” I bet $10 none of them answers correctly: Charon, the moon of Pluto. By the way, Pluto has been reclasssified as planet in April 2017.

6) Mars, Victoria crater

victoria crater mars space
An image from Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. Victoria crater is an impact crater at Meridiani Planum near the equator of Mars.

7) Jupiter with the Great Red Spot

space wallpaper jupiter
Composite image of a giant storm happening on the gassy surface of Jupiter called The Great Red Spot taken by NASA’s Voyager 2 spacecraft.

8) Earth from Space Shuttle Endeavour

wallpaper space shuttle
A beautiful view of Earth (an area of Pacific ocean northeast of Hawaii) from space shuttle Endeavour, which has Spaceborn Imaging Radar in its payload bay.

9) Vesta asteroid

vesta asteroidVesta is an asteroid from the asteroid belt, which lies between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. It is roughly 525 km wide and its surface is covered with impact craters.

10) Infant stars hatching in Orion

image space backgroundThis image shows a cloud of infant stars in a region of the Orion constellation called Barnard 30.

Pick a space wallpaper and enjoy!

I hope you liked our collection of space wallpapers, now pick one and put it on your desktop, on your PC or phone, and the Force will be with you.

I am Jan, a futurist and science/technology blogger. **UPDATE: Moving my stuff slowly to a new domain name, FutureMinded.net**