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Bored of going through thousands of lines of boring text? Take a look at these interactive websites and have fun!

NG: Breakthrough – An interactive tour of the science of the future: Aging, the brain, clean energy, water shortages, human upgrades.

ISS Astroviewer – Current position of ISS, visible passes.

Solar System Scope – Enjoy this 3D simulation of our Solar system. You can rotate the planets around their orbits (and thus play with time), which is really cool. There are dwarf planets that you probably didn’t know we had, comets and major nearby stars. It’s definitely worth giving a try.

Brain Rules – Learn how your brain works in 12 interactive chapters (e.g. Exercise, Sleep, Attention, Memory). The website is based on a popular book Brain Rules by a neuroscientist John Medina. It’s much better to learn from the site than from the book but he won’t make any money off you.

BioMotion Lab Walker – See how peoples’ walking patterns change based on how masculine/feminine, heavy/light and so on they are. Adjust the attributes with sliders.

G2 Brain Models – Explore all the areas of your brain in 3D! You can read a bit about each of them if you want. Switch views using the dropdown menu on the left. Rotate using arrows on the screen.