Probably the best language-learning site. The courses you take are level-based, meaning you earn points for completing tasks (exams), which unlocks more difficult challenges, you can even compete with friends! You can also let DuoLingo remind you every day that you need to practise (you choose how often), which is definitely needed if you want to master a language.

And is it for perfect English speakers only? No! You can learn almost all languages from the most used ones (German, French, English, …), but the others, e.g. Czech and Polish, are usually limited to English courses only. Nevertheless, if you were able to read this article, you can probably manage it. You can learn:

Coursera is one of the oldest e-learning sites on the internet, you can take courses in almost anything, even advanced data science or rocket engineering. You can get the older courses for free, but most of the newer ones are paid (around $70/course) Don’t lose your dreams of becoming whoever you want to be! Coursera offers financial aid to those who cannot afford a course. Check out some of the courses:

The most important thing about Coursera is that if you do complete a course, you get a certificate which is acknowledged by many big companies and universities. Talking about universities, they play a big role at Coursera since most of the time it is them who provides the courses.

This page has something that Coursera doesn’t, it is 100% free. It lets you learn physics, math, psychology, art, programming and other subjects in the form of videos, some of which are interactive. I actually got into programming thanks to their JavaScript course and now, two years later, I’m building my own games! Take a look at some of the more interesting subjects:

A bit of history: Salmar Khan started KhanAcademy as a project in 2004, it was just a couple of YouTube videos, but look at it now. It has a growing community, levels, badges, projects, it has achieved what many people desperately try to do, combine fun with learning.

This famous channel with millions of views on each video is a very good way to learn about things that interest you. Why? Because you can just take a box of ice cream and watch 20 of educational videos AND ENJOY IT! Not that crappy 90’s style videos, but thought-out topics with beautiful yet simple animation and people who explain it all perfectly. Each subject (chemistry, world history, games, physics and more) has its own series of approximately 30 videos, so if you always wanted to learn something (and I know you did), then start now! You can find the entire list of their subjects at https://www.youtube.com/user/crashcourse/playlists

You might not find as many topics or videos here as at CrashCourse, but Kurzgesagt (German for “In a nutshell”) values quality over quantity. They usually release 2 videos per month, but they are amazing. The animation is simillar to CrashCourse, maybe even better, and sometimes you get the “frisson” feeling. They talk about things like What is life? , The Fermi paradox, Addiction and usually explain them pretty well.

As Coursera, the non-profit organisation edX provides courses on basically anything. The courses there consist of weekly sequences of short videos, online textbooks and discussions between the students. Some of those courses are completely free of charge, while others are not.

The name comes from the company’s desire to be “audacious for you, the student”. It started in 2012 with the course “Building a search engine” and has grown ever since. A few years ago, it focused on university-style courses for everybody, but now it is mostly about nanodegrees for professionals. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check it out though!