Hoverboards are real, the future is here

Building a vehicle that can carry a human a few feet above the ground is not as easy as you might think; strapping a few propellers onto a board does not work so well and even if it does, they have to be big. So why are we writing about it now? Because there’s finally hope for a real working hoverboard!

In the video you saw above, Frank Zapata, owner of Zapata Racing (the company that makes waterboards, flyboards and other cool stuff) beat the Guiness world record for the longest hoverboard flight (2,252 metres). The previous holder of that record was a Canadian inventor Catalin Alexandru Duru (275.9 metres), you can see his Omni Hoverboard in the video below.

If you are still skeptical about the new hoverboard (as were we at first), there is a 360° video of the new Guiness record on YouTube. However, Zapata said that the Air is much more difficult to control than it looks and you would need at least 50 hours on their water-based hoverboard to fly properly. But that doesn’t change the fact that after seeing all of this, you probably want one. Well, we have bad news. It is not available for the public (yet), so you are not going to be flying around Green Goblin style anytime soon.

Quick facts about the Air

  • Powered by jet fuel which is in the backpack.
  • Has 6 250-horsepower engines.
  • Frank Zapata admits to crashing it once, but only a few electronics were damaged.

Other hoverboards

Many people (usually engineers) and companies have tried to make their own hoverboards or hoverbikes, for example the infamous Colin Furze made a hoverbike that shoots firworks.

Lastly, there is the ArcaBoard, which is publicly available for $15,000. It was made by the space company Arca Space and is one of the few hoverboards that are for sale right now (not counting the small wheeled segways, THEY ARE NOT HOVERBOARDS, STOP CALLING THEM THAT, PEOPLE).

Well now, do you also think that the future is finally here? Answer in the comments down below!



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