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Futuristic Gadgets & Gear

Buy a piece of the future!

We are living in an era of gadgets. There’s robotic vacuums, drones, hoverboards, smart watches, kangaroo shoes, stoves that charge your phone and much more! Check out the latest gadgets hand-picked by the MilkyWayTimes.com team.

  Smart Home

It’s 2017 and homes are getting smarter and smarter. It’s starting to look like sci-fi! The most popular smart home gadgets on the markert right now include:

  • House robots – Robotic vacuums, mops, window cleaners
  • Garden robots – Robotic lawnmowers, pool robots, grill cleaners and gutter cleaners
  • Security systems – Alarms, smoke detectors
  • Remote control – Light switching, central heating regulation
  • Smart TVs, Google nest and so on


Remember those hi-tech gadgets that people wear in sci-fi movies? Boots that let you jump 20 feet high? Watches that can track your heartbeat and tell you to exercise? Well these are not science fiction anymore!

shoesKangaroo Shoes – Have you ever dreamt of being a proud Austrailan kangaroo? Oh I know you did, that’s why I’m showing you these spring shoes. You can run with them fast as hell



watchPhone Watch a smartphone packed into a watch! Your facebook, a sports app, twitter, photos, google, … everything you need in a simple small watch. You don’t need pockets anymore. You don’t need pants anymore!

  Outdoor Gear

Why set out on an adventure equipped like a caveman? We, people, have invented amazing things that can be used while camping or going on a trip, check them out!

biolite  Biolite CampStove – This is a stove that not only cooks your steaks while out camping, it recharges your phone! How does it work? There are thermoelectric cells which convert heat into electricity.

scrubba  Scrubba Bag – This bag washes your clothes for you at machine quality whenever you want! How does it work? There’s a video about that on  YouTube



  Inflatable tents – Building a tent takes ages. It is difficult to do, impossible if done alone, and it falls and breaks so easily…I really hate building tents. But fortunately for me and maybe even you, there are tents that need no building at all! See them in action on YT

  Drones (UAV’s)

Everybody know what a drone is and they are becoming increasingly popular. A quadcopter drone with a camera is the perfect gadget for almost everybody, you can race with it, spy on your neighbours, some can even carry packages!

  Cool Toys

Don’t let your kids stare into a tablet all day (it has seriously bad effects on their motoric skills developement), buy a toy for them! A child will love a robot he/she can build or a bird you can controll with your phone. We found the most interesting toys for you:

  • Robots for kids – LEGO Mindstorm, the easily programmable and super customizable robots. They are even used at universities!
  • Remote controlled Cars – All boys will love them! My father bought me one when I was a kid and I played with it for ages.
    • Battle tanks – take tank warfare from computers to your backyard!