The Future of Humanity

You might not realize it, but we are already living in the future (in a way). Take all the smart toys, superfast internet, voice search, hoverboards… Now think: this will only get better and better! What technologies will we have in 2020? 2030? Or even 2100? But will technologies save us from our own stupidity? Where are we (the mankind) heading?

Some future predictions

  • 2030’s – NASA plans a human mission to Mars. SpaceX, the private space company, aims for 2020’s.
  • – A Russian billionare Dmitry Itskov  started an initiative that aims to make humans immortal by uploading their brains to a computer by 2045.
  • 2023-2025 – Expected arrival of exascale computers. Current fastest supercomputer is Sunway TaihuLight with the max speed of 93 petaflops. We need to get 10.75x faster.
  • 2100 – Various computer models predict a global warming of 1.5 °C (very, very bad) to 6 °C (apocalypse) by the end of the century, unless we do something about it.

Global challenges in 2016

A lot of smart people are thinking hard about the problems humanity is facing in the future. The most popular futurists are Nick Bostrom and Ray Kurzweil.

  • Global warming – All international and national scientific bodies have agreed that human activity (mainly energy production from fossil fuels, transportation and agriculture) is the main factor contributing to the annual long-term warming trend. The certainty is stated as 95% or higher (extremely likely). 2015 and 2014 were the hottest years on record. Unfortunately, the fossil fuel lobby still manipulates the public opinion by denying/distorting these facts.
  • Terrorism – Since the Arab spring in 2010, the Middle-East has been destabilized, which resulted in the increase of terrorist activites.
  • Natural pandemics – WHO claimed a state of emergency because of the virus Zika which causes babies to be born with shrunken heads (microcephaly). In 2014 there was the Ebola outbreak, but that poses nearly no danger now. The today’s overuse of antibiotics might lead to the evolution of superbacteria resistant to all known antibiotics – in other words unstoppable.

Existential risks to humanity

  • Nuclear war – An outside alien civilization might say we are intelligent because we have advanced nuclear weapons. But they probably won’t since we’re pointing them at ourselves.
  • Bio weapons – In the future, an insane world leader could experiment with a deadly virus, creating a global pandemic that we could not stop.
  • Solar superstorm – There is a 10% risk of an extremely strong solar storm each decade. It could cripple satellites and telecommunications.
  • Asteroid impact – Asteroids fly dangerously near Earth all the time. The smaller ones (up to 25 meters) burn in the atmosphere but bigger ones can hit Earth. An asteroid larger than 2 kilometres would have worldwide effects and potentially destroy our civilization completely.

Progress in technology & Science

People want to see the timeline on which things are developing on order to be able to put things in perspective. There’s so many technology news – information overload, …. it’s hard to keep track of everything, right? Well, unless you do it full-time which is what we do 🙂 We will soon cover numerous exponential technologies on our website so that you never miss out on an imporant breakthrough. Stay tuned!

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