Science is Fun – 3 Cool Science Videos

What happens when CERN scientists try to make a song? See for yourself.

Fancy a game of quantum chess?

Science Popularizers: Men who made science cool

  • Carl Sagan – He was the first man to popularize science (with his show Cosmos: A Personal Voyage and others) You could call all the people below his followers, especially Neil. Carl influenced his entire life, you can watch their story on YouTube.
  • Neil deGrasse Tyson – Intent on showing the cool side of science to as many people as possible, he too had his TV show – Cosmos. One day a rapper made a song about the Earth being flat, what did Neil do? This.

  • Bill Nye – You probably know him from his debates with religious (in which they usually run out of arguments in a few minutes) but he made science popular with his TV show Bill Nye: The Science Guy.
  • Michio Kaku – Michio doesn’t have a TV show and he is probably the least known of the popularizers. Nevertheless, he hosts a weekly radio program Exploration and there are many videos of him explaining how the universe works on YouTube.
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