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Encyclopedia Futuristica

New Technology 2017 | Emerging, Future, Rising Technology

Encyclopedia Futuristica (coming soon) is a series of wikipedia-type regularly updated articles which list emerging technologies like cryonics, lab grown meat, exoskeletons, life extension therapies, reusable rockets, asteroid mining, space colonization and more. Each technology has an advancement rating from 0 (science-fiction) to 10 (science-fact) and its own detailed article with up-to-date information, news timeline, important links, related video documentaries and e-courses.

Future of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

  • Game-playing AI >>   8/10
  • Instant Translation >>   5/10
  • Self-driving cars >>   6/10

Future of Space

  • Asteroid Mining >>   2/10
  • Artificial Gravity >> 2/10
  • Reusable Rockets >>   5/10 6/10
  • Space Tourism >>   4/10

Future of Energy

  • Electric Cars >> 9/10
  • Nuclear Fusion >> 3/10

Future of Food

  • 3D printed food   8/10
  • Lab grown Meat    5/10
  • Meal subscription services   10/10
  • Powder food    10/10

Future of Medicine

  • 3D printed tissue   4/10
  • Anti-aging therapies    5/10
  • Cryonics    3/10
  • Exoskeletons   3/10

Future of Entertainment

More new technology (emerging technology)

All the emerging technology fields listed in Encyclopedia Futuristica have been advancing very fast in the 21st century. The rate of progress is amazing and it’s becoming harder to keep up. That’s why we started this website. New technology will improve people’s health,

How does the 0-10 rating scale work?

  • 0/10 – The technology is pure sci-fi. There is not even tiny scientific support for the technology, or there are proofs it cannot exist. Example: backwards time travel.
  • 1-2/10 – Rather sci-fi. The technology is theoretically possible but an important step forward, which we don’t know how to take, would be necessary.
  • 3-4/10 – Hatching. We are already working on the step forward.
  • 5/10 – The step forward was taken and we are just about to run a working prototype.
  • 6/10 – Prototype launched, works, not launched to the public yet, something important works, but other important parts are not working. Example: Reusable rockets.
  • 7/10 – Launched to the public in beta version, some quite important functions are missing / or it’s still too expensive / practically unavailable
  • 10/10 – The technology works perfectly and is cheap / available.