Artificial Intelligence

Here you’ll find all the information you wanted to know about artificial intelligence and much more. We’ll explain what AI is, we’ll show you cool real world applications of AI and if you’re interested, you will find out all the cool techniqes that make AI work. While a general human-level AI is still a tall order, we now have lots of narrow task-based AI’s that work well in real world applications. And they make our world smarter and safer.

  What’s hot in artificial intelligence?

  • Driverless cars – Since 2015, Tesla cars have Autopilot mode – it steers the wheel for you but you still have to watch the road and be able to take over control. Google cars are also being tested in live traffic and have driven over 2 million miles without a driver.
  • Face recognition software – Pretty advanced, human-level performance.
  • AI-guided drones 
  • Automatic translation
  • Humanoid robots
  • Robotic animals

  Breakthroughs in AI – Timeline


  • Sunspring, the first movie written by an algorithm is made …video
  • Students on an online forum can’t tell the difference between real teaching assistants and an AI bot. More on GeorgiaTech
  • Deep learning algorithms rival humans in cancer detection – 
  • A neural network developed by Google Deepmind defeats world champion Lee Sedol in the ancient game of GO…more
  • Facebook’s face recognisation software is as accurate as the human brain…more
  • A first food delivery by a drone is made … video


  • DARPA challenge introduced many humanoid robots including ATLAS with advanced walking abilities – The challengeATLAS
  • Deepmind wins 5-0 against the European champion in GO…more


  • MIT scientists built a cheetah robot capable of running at 16 kph (10 mph) and jumping over obstacles. Source:


  • LEGO announces a new version of their programmable robots. Source:


  • A neural network with 1M neurons recognizes cats and human faces by itself in YouTube videos – WIRED


  • IBM’s Watson supercomputer beats human champions at TV game show Jeopardy! – YouTube