The Milky Way Times is a blog for future-minded people who want to stay updated about the latest advancements in science and technology and the latest high-tech gadgets. It’s written by people who care for our planet and the future of our species – which, hopefully, contains millions of years of prosperity and love for all humans and the colonization of distant star systems in our galaxy, The Milky Way.

Website is now under construction. Scheduled launch December 24, 2017.


  • Homepage
  • Articles – Daily interesting news from the fields of science and technology. Coming soon – current articles are not yet edited and corrected.
  • Infographics – We are currently working on a big summary infographic “2017: This year in Science” and more are coming soon.
  • The Milky Way Times Magazine – Since January 2018, we will write a monthly compilation of all important scientific discoveries, technological advancements and smart new gadgets and we call it our “magazine”. At first, it will be available for online reading in your browser, and later we will probably create Android/iOS apps for tablets. Coming soon.
  • Future-o-meter (alternative name Encyclopedia) – The “Future-o-meter” lists important futuristic technologies like 3D Printing, Artificial Meat, Cryonics or futuristic services such as Online Groceries or Self-checkout Shopping – and rates them on the scale of 0 to 10 based on how advanced they are. Each of these topics also has its own subpage full of detailed information, related news updates, links and videos. Coming soon.
  • Gadgets and Gear – Listings of top-rated VR headsets, drones, home automation gadgets like robotic vacuums or lawnmowers, outdoor gadgets, all for a smarter and more “futuristic” lifestyle. Coming soon.
  • Library – Useful links for futurism fans – Futuristic books, TV series, movies, Futuristic PC games, top futuristic companies, notable futurists, interactive science tools, space viewer and more. Coming soon.