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UPDATE: I am slowly moving and editing the content from TMWT, which will be disctoninued, to FutureMinded.net. Just give me a few weeks (I have at most 20 minutes a week of free time for it.)

Do you want to stay on top of all new innovations and breakthroughs in science and technology? Are you a fan of VR and smart gadgets? Do you care about the future of the human race? Then The Milky Way Times is the right website for you! We will be writing daily news and opinion pieces, a monthly magazine (news digest), we’ll be updating an encyclopedia of futuristic technology, reviewing futuristic gadgets and gear and updating a library of futurism-related books, movies and websites.

Milky Way Times, that is: New Innovations, Futuristic Technology, Gadgets, Science, Futurism

Update Aug 14, 2017: New article series “The Future of Everything” – Food, Medicine, AI, AR, VR – and monthly science and tech news digests are coming soon at Milky Way Times – in December 2017.


News from emerging science and technology fields brought to you by The Milky Way Times. Current top categories:

More new technologies – advancement rating from 0 (sci-fi) to 10 (available in reality):

  • Artificial Meat – 5/10
  • Cryonics – 2/10
  • Powder Food – 10/10
  • Self-Driving Cars – 7/10
  • Space Tourism – 3/10


On the 1st day of each month, The Milky Way Times will issue a special magazine with an overview of all important news from science and technology fields such as clean energy, artificial intelligence or virtual reality.

Browse issues:


Reviews of futuristic gadgets such as home robots, drones, VR headets and more. New gadgets, VIP price deals.

  • Top robotic vacuum 2017
  • Top drone 2017
  • Top powder food 2017 – Soylent


Top books, movies, TV series, games, websites, people, and companies related to science, technology, learning and futurism – curated by our team.

The Milky Way Times

More about our website: our CEO came up with the idea of a futuristic science, technology and gadget blog in August 2015 on a trip to the nature. It was also 4 months after he read the book BOLD: How to go big, create wealth and impact the world – definitely not a coincidence. The name, The Milky Way Times, came later in May 2016 after months without a good name. Hopefully, it will stick with our readers when we launch 🙂 Stay tuned for more in 2017.

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